Josh Adler

Passionate about meaningful storytelling, expressive posing and a well-timed steak.   Animation is an amazing journey where you study and break down life to its rawest of actions, motives, thoughts and emotions; Only to build it back up and breathe new life into something that never existed before. 

If i'm not animating i'm eating pit chips and hummus, cooking, reading, skateboarding, snowboarding, lifting up heavy things, putting them back down, guitar-playing, checking in on the BlueJays, enjoying a beer, a movie, and a steak. Those are the things that keep the juices flowing. Well to be honest it's Coffee. Drip, Drop, Press, Mokapot... 

These 'about me' sections are always a struggle I think next time i'm going to get a ghost writer. It is essential to have enough content so it balances out the beauty of a self-portrait accompanying it. 

At my best using rosemary to pick steak out of my teeth. ;)